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2014 Festival

Calling all fermenters! Join our nation’s biggest pickle party!

This year’s festival will take place

August 22nd, 2015




Highlights of 2014:


  • 60+ purveyors: The 2014 event hosted the most vendors of fermented foods and beverages that we have ever seen. There were 40 vendors of non-alcoholic goods and 21 that poured an alcoholic selection to our VIP garden. We squeezed into every available corner, and we certainly had a blast.


  • 20+ classes: Who has made their first batch of kvass? Who has a crock of sauerkraut started? Those who attended classes at the festival went home with the knowledge to begin fermenting at home. The classes offered this year were diverse and exciting! Who enjoyed Todd from Happy Girl Kitchen in an Elvis suit making pickles like a rockstar?! Who got to see Mara from Ozuké discuss the Japanese umeboshi process?

  • fermented rootbeer floats: What happens when a keg of Triple Root Beer from The Kefiry and a few gallons of Straus Creamery and Bliss Coconut ice cream meet at the Fermentation Festival? Insanely yummy probiotic root beer floats are created. What happens when some of the ice cream makes it’s way into Peak Organic Brewing’s Oak Aged Mocha Stout? Dreams come true.

  • home makers kraut off: Over 20 entries were tasted by our judges Spring Maxfield, John Ash and Franco Dunn behind the scenes. They tasted, discussed, and somehow decided on just three finalists. The queen of kraut in Sonoma County was Charuta Kulkarni, with a classic and perfectly balanced sauerkraut. Charuta took home a beautiful 3 gallon crock donated by Cultivate Home in Sebastopol.

  • Cheese and Beverage Pairing: When in Sonoma County, one can be faced with tough decisions such as which cheese to pair with a certain dry cider. Colette Hatch, also known as Madame de Fromage took VIP guests on a taste adventure with some of Sonoma County’s finest fermented delicacies.



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Scenes from the 2013 Event:

2014 Participating Companies:

Agro Industries

Alive and Healing

Architectural Ceramic Design

Arise Bakery


Biotic Beverages, LLC

Brine Country

Budiman Food



Cultured Gourmet 

Earth and Fire

Ellen’s Kimchi


Gypsy Cheese

Happy Girl Kitchen

Its Alive

Keep The Beet

The Kefiry


Mountain Feed and Farm

Nana Mae’s Organics 

Ozuke Pickles

Real Books

Redwood Hill 


rEvolution Bread

Shamrock Cheese

Sonoma Brinery

Sonoma Chocolatiers

[the bejkr]

Weston Price Foundation

True Family Foods

Valley Ford Cheese Co.

Wildbrine, LLC

xRoads Sea Salts

Sponsors and Pourers:

Eel River Brewing Co.

Heidrun Meadery

Russian River Brewing Co.

Sonoma Springs Brewing Co.

Thirsty Bear Brew Pub

Dempsey’s Brewery

Mad River Brewing Co.

Ruth McGowan’s Brew Pub

Sonoma Springs Brewing Co.

Tilted Shed Ciderworks

Drake’s Brewing Co.

Hen House Brewing

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sudwerk Brewing Co.

Two Shepherds Vineyards